Instagram Challenges

Welcome! I’m all about making social media social, which is why I’ve created a FREE 7-Day IG challenge for each mini guide within the Yoga for Mental Health Series. It’s a way for us to get a little more intentional online, challenge ourselves to think differently, and connect with others within the Rooted & Rising community.

You can begin these challenges whenever you want! There’s no timeline. Make sure to tag me @auroralyrayoga and use the hashtags #yogaformentalhealth and #rootedandrising whenever you post.

It’s my intention and honor to make the practice more accessible, relatable, and affordable to anyone and everyone looking for resources to support their mental health. If you would like to purchase any of the guides on the Shop Page but don’t have the financial means to do so, you can participate in the IG Challenge that accompanies the guide you’re interested in. Upon completion, send a note with your Instagram username in a message on the Contact Page (use the subject ‘Instagram Challenges’) and you’ll receive a 50% discount code.